I know there are only a few stories here .... but if you enjoy them, do let me know .... it will encourage me to complete the ones on the anvil with greater haste ...:)))


Always and Forever: A Love story from beyond Time and Space.

 DANCING IN THE RUINS: This story came to me under weird circumstances. While driving past the "Kanjri's Tomb" near Attock Bridge, I had the distinct feeling that the girl who lay buried there was telling me her story!

  SULTANA'S BABY: This is based on a true story. In real life Sultana's name was Qaisera.

  ZOHRA'S PROBLEM: There is a twist in the tail of this story ... lets see if you can get it ....:)))

 SQUEAKY-CLEAN-LAND: Each and every incident in this satire really occurred. I culled them from the newspapers over a period of time.

  THE DREAM: Don't think it is far-fetched, it happens!!!

  THE PUPPET: Of Love and Control.

  THE PAPER BOATS: A story with a moral.

  THE CLOUD AND THE EARTH: An allegorical story. Read it and let it tell you what it means.

  THE JOURNEY OF THE RIVER: Another alegorical story that says different things to different people.

  THE MAGICIAN AND THE DREAMER: Do you know what it is that you dream of?

THE MUSIC OF THE SOUND OF LIFE: Enjoy this enchanting story and learn its lessons!...:)

THE WIND, THE ROCK AND TIME: Time never waits on us.

THE PATH: Smell the flowers and enjoy the Journey; or not... as you wish!

ATHENA: Are you 'Brave of Heart'?

THE LYNX:Read it!...;)

THE SECRET OF THE LAGOON: Do YOU know the secret?

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