Zeenath Jahan

On the Western tip of a far away Island ringed by tall cliffs and hidden amongst the rocks there lived a calm blue Lagoon. The air around the Lagoon was heavy with content. Wayfarers who stumbled upon it spoke only in quiet, hushed tones; such was the peace of the Lagoon. As it was, only a few birds and some small furry animals knew of its existence; coming there each dawn and dusk to quench their thirst while drinking in the peace. The Lagoon tenderly welcomed every thirsty bird and beast that did not disturb its calm surface. Those that did, never again found the path that led to the calm, blue Lagoon.

One day, there was a Storm at sea, beyond the high cliffs and rocks that protected the Lagoon. Searching for the Secret, the Storm raged; but howling back and forth over the empty sea it soon became bored. There was nothing for it to test its' strength against; and the Storm was proud of its power. There was no fun in fighting the sea. The sea merely reacted to the power of the Storm and allowed it to be whipped into a fury of its own, rising to the skies and crashing back upon its self.

Bored and fed up, searching the horizons, the Storm spied the high cliffs and rocks that encircled the island. It had never noticed them before. Curious, it sent the East wind to investigate. The South wind protested, "There might be danger lurking beyond those cliffs and rocks. Instead, let us dash across the sea one more time!"

Ignoring the protests of the South wind, the bored, curious Storm decided to explore this secret place behind the high wall of cliffs and rocks. Wanting to search the hidden nooks and crannies it hoped to search out danger to test its strength against it. Maybe it might even find that which it searched for? Roaming the wide sea day in and day out had only tired it out, not teaching it the mystery of Contentment. There was nothing there but water, and more water.

Gathering the North, South, East and West winds and jumping over the cliffs the Storm swept through the island. Rushing through the trees, making them bow before its power, and uprooting those that refused, the Storm did not notice the Lagoon nestled in the ring of the highest cliffs and rocks. With ever crack of the branches, with every sighing bowing of the trees, the Storm chuckled louder and louder. This was fun! On its third run over the face of the island the Storm was blinded by the reflecting rays of the sun; that was when it noticed the quiet blue of the Lagoon, reflecting the sunshine, humming an almost inaudible tune.

"Aha! Here is something that seems interesting." Chuckled the Wind, rushing towards the Lagoon.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha," it laughed in glee as it saw the Lagoon jump, trying to get out of its way.

The Lagoon convulsed, trying to escape the disturbance of the Storm's harsh breath. Its surface churned and heaved with the effort. The Lagoon rose and fell while the Storm rushed about excited at the commotion it had created. Each time the Storm stopped to take a breath, the Lagoon returned to its calm observation of the skies and the clouds while the twinkling sun reflected its light from the deep blue waters.

The East wind envied the Lagoon its calm content; the West wind was infuriated by its complacency; the North wind icily observed its lack of curiosity. After its initial protest, the South wind was simply enjoying it all. Drawing the winds to it, the Storm took a deep breath and dived into the Lagoon hoping to cause more commotion.

The Lagoon understood the Storm's disquiet and opening its arms and drew the Storm into its heart. A deep silence followed. Agape, the Storm hesitated. Faced with the silence and calm hidden in the heart of the Lagoon it had lost its fury. Remembering how it had spent its days furiously rushing about in the fruitless search, the Storm, found Contentment that lived in the very center of the Lagoon's heart and the Lagoon covered the Storm with a cloak of peace.

Having finally found Contentment the Storm knew it did not have to search any more. Contentment had always been within grasp and only became visible in the act of allowing others into ones' heart.

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