Zeenath Jahan

High up above the world, the Sun smiles and lovingly strokes the Glacier.

Warmed by its' loving touch, the Glacier melts and drop by drop forming a tiny Brook.

The Brook trickles down, gradually gathering speed and volume until it becomes a raging Torrent; a loud, raging, rushing Torrent... rushing off to ---- where? It does not know.

It is drawn forward, pulled and dragged as though by an unseen Force; as though rushing to keep an appointment ...with Fate?

Hurrying along, falling over rocks; picking itself up again and gleefully grabbing what ever comes its way. Snatching at the turf, thoughtlessly tearing down the rocks that obstruct its path, mindless in its mirthful play, dashing headlong on its riotous way; gouging a path right through the heart of the lofty Mountain.

At first the Mountain resists the Force of the Torrent but, bit by bit, it is worn down by the Torrent's formidable determination to keep its date with Fate. The Torrent did not know how to give up; the Torrent COULD NOT give up, it had no choice. A deep Gorge was finally cut right through the heart of the Mountain, and the Mountain was changed forever.

Careening along, celebrating its' strength, the wild and turbulent waters of the Torrent now leapt up full of Hope and the sheer joy of its existence; now sank to the rocky bottom in Despair of the Journey ever ending.

Continuing its' headlong course, in time the earth carried off from the heart of the Mountain made the Torrent heavy and thoughtful. Learning to look around at the ever changing scene, reveling in the beauty around it, slowing its pace, learning to relax and enjoy itself.

Though the Torrent still lived in the heart of the River, it is now a Torrent no more, but a River grown large and deep. The River still does not know where its Journey will end, or why it began, but it understands now, that no amount of haste will bring it to its destination; no amount of fighting the forces of Nature will end its Journey, until the time is ripe.

Lazily looking around it gently sings to itself, nibbling at its Boundaries, forever growing in size; continually spreading all around the Largesse brought down from the Mountain. The River hums along, all thru the day and night, enjoying its Journey towards its Destiny.

The River gradually stops fighting Obstructions in its way, learning to change its course instead. It seems unmoving, yet it is always moving; calmly peacefully continuing the Journey that started in such wild elation.

The end of the Journey is in sight when the River smells the closeness of the Ocean and the Oceans beckons, calling, forcing the River to come to it.

Now that the end of the Journey is close, not quite sure what is in store at the end of the road, the River is suddenly afraid of the change it portends. It breaks up, running hither and thither, yet all the time drawn inexorably to its Destination.

The Journey ends with the inevitable union, the Reason for it all, as each part of the River falls into the embrace of the boundless Ocean.

The mingling waters change the Ocean and the River. Each is changed forever; and yet, each forever remains the same.

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