Hi.... :)) This is a medley of topics. I hope you find some that interest you ...:-)

ONCE, WHEN SPRING CAME TO PESHAWAR: The goings on in my garden, one spring.

A FULL BELLY SPEAKS PERSIAN!: This article might be thought of by some, as having a slightly anti-environmentalist angle to it.... but, think about it...:)

THE STORY OF A WEEK IN JANUARY 1998: Well, I guess that is what it is... about a week in January...:) /b>

POTTY ABOUT POTTERY: About the little olde shoppe that has sold pottery in Peshawar for the last 100 years.

PAIN: In reply to a question "What is Pain?"

THE ANCIENT ART OF MAKING 'GURHA': 'Gurha' is an indigenous form of balls made of brown sugar....sometimes with nuts and raisens

THE DAY I DIED: A description of a near-death experience.

YOGA, THE PATH TO HARMONY: Yoga is part of Hindu Philosophy. It aims to help individuals function to the fullest of their abilities by harmonizing their mind, body and spirit.

IMRAN, THE GO-GETTER: A satire on Imran Khan, the cricketer who aspires to be Prime Minister of Pakistan.

ELECTIONS '97 IN GHAZNIKHEL, PAKISTAN: My experiences as a polling agent for my cousins.

MADE TO BE BROKEN: All about new year resolutions.

'DOST', OF THE HOPELESS: This is about a detoxification center in Hayatabad (Peshawar). The name 'Dost' means 'friend' in Urdu.

GARDEN OF EDEN: A description of a visit to Arbab Noor Muhammad's garden near Peshawar.

The Dandelions bloomed again!: Dandelions are a symbol of spring and hope to me.

Let's make a Website!: Well that is if you want to know all the details a beginner can't find anywhere... :)

WALLS: Look about you and count the "walls".

CYBERSPACE IN PESHAWAR: Musings and conclusions drawn from an experience on cybersapce. (From my upcoming book "NetSplit!")

CYBERSPACE RELATIONS, CYBERSPACE HAPPENINGS. More excerpts from my upcoming book "NetSplit!"

WANDERING DOWN MEMORY LANE on March 2008. Maybe I am cynical, maybe I have a better memory?

EVIL WALKS THE WORLD. About the Mumbai Tragedy.

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