Whopeee!!! we will finally see Jemima Mem-Sahib in our midst. I read in the papers that Imran has sworn to do away with the V.I.P. culture. Being the honest, upright and principled man that he is, the dismantling of the irksome (to us commoners) culture will surely start with Mr. and Mrs. Imran Khan. I hope Jemima and her aristocratic family is prepared to wait for their baggage at the Airport's commoners lounge instead of being whisked through the V.I.P lounge, as though they were royalty!

I really cannot understand why everyone is being so mean to Imran. Have they forgotten so soon the time that Imran single-handedly won the World Cup for us?

Imran, as everyone knows, is a good man. If he took your money and my money and everyone else's money it was for a good cause. He built a hospital in memory of his own mother. It is only mean spirited people who point out that he invested his own money in the super-store, PACE; censuring him for being a director and a share holder at PACE. Do they expect him to give his all to the charity hospital? What will he live on? The preaching was for us to open our purses. Can we blame our hero

for succeeding? So what if he is a (very, very) rich man today, he earned it! Who will deny that his greatest contribution to social work was the appalling publicity he suffered? Who will deny that the lime-light was hateful to his sensitive spirit?

So what if he married a rich young thing young enough to be his daughter? Is it his fault that white, brown, yellow and black women find him irresistible? Is there something wrong in picking a bride who will help further his personal ambitions?

Imran is no fool, he knows where he is going, and but for the Grace of God, that may be the Top Job!

K'hailo gay, koodho gay ban'no gai kharaab

Lik'ho gay parho gay ban'no gai nawab,

was not said for Imran, as everything else, it is only true for us common mortals.

Yes, Imran is no Abdul Sattar Edhi. `Boski' rather than `Malaishia' underlines the difference. Charity for Imran, correctly enough, begins at home. If Edhi wants to live like a pauper, giving his every waking moment and his every penny to charity, that's his problem; why should everyone expect Imran to do the same! Get real, a man's got to have a life of his own. How can he provide his wife with a gym/bathroom on one whole floor of his house if he aped Edhi's life style? Jemima Mem-Sahib is no

Biquis. Bilquis Edhi may be able to do without a gym and the very latest plumbing, Jemima Mem-Sahib cannot, it is as simple as that. Yes, there must be a difference in the life style of a hero

and a social worker like Edhi (with the emphasis on worker).

Philanthropy is a wayside station for Imran, on his way to the Top Job. If Edhi wants to spend his whole life bettering the lot of everyone in need, that's his problem. If Edhi refuses to cash in on his popularity why should Imran deny himself (and his family) the perks of righteousness? Does Zee TV want to know anything about Edhi? No, that would not do any good to the Hindu campaign of vilifying Pakistan. Only the great Khan is useful for that, he knows it all and has all the answers!

It was not megalomania, as malicious people would have us believe, that forced Imran to slap a journalist. It was the impertinence of the question! Everyone knows that self-control is only for the masses and not for leaders in the making. The sooner everyone understands that the great khan's fury is frequently uncontrollable; and the sooner they defer to him, at all times and in every thing, the better it will be for them.