Flowering in gentle humility
More for beauty than for me,
Do flowers prefer love to light?
In my battle of pride, I cannot see!

Quietly, a secret sunset waited
Budding life's own reprieve,
To yield to love in her entwine
As every garden must have an Eve.
Ed LeClaire.

Hi ... I am ZEEJAH....:))

My real name is Zeenath Jahan. A friend whipped up the lovely name 'ZEEJAH' from my two first names, and I like it well enough to use it all over the net. So I am 'ZEEJAH' on cyberspace.

I have lived in Peshawar (Pakistan), all my life.

Although I am an avid 'netter', that is not all that I do.

I have a Master's Degree in Psychology. Although not a practicing psychologist, I love to help anyone who asks for it. I am happy to say that, in some small way, I have been able to help many people.

I recently took up journalism, writing articles and profiles for THE FRIDAY TIMES. I also write short stories and children's stories that have been published in 'THE NEWS''THE MUSLIM' (which has since packed up)and 'WOMEN'S OWN' (a monthly women's magazine published in Karachi, Pakistan, who are bad paymasters.... they still owe me for 6 stories/articles...and I stopped writing for them some years ago...!.

Recently I tried my hand at poetry, once more. I used to write it as a child, but my cousins teased me out of it :(

The results of my latest efforts are not fantastic ...:-(

Nevertheless, I will be happy to share some of them with you....:)))

Soon I am going to start writing my 'magnum opus'...:)...a novel titled "WHEN HORIZONS MEET"

When it is on the best-sellers list, remember that you first heard of it here....:))

Here is another nice little tidbit I found on a Muslim website. It converts dates from the Gregorian Calendar to the Hijri Calendar, and vice versa; I find it very useful to calculate dates for Eid, Ramzan, Hajj etc...:)

Click on the link below and check out Amazon.com's large selection of books etc:

A few websites you might be interested in...:)

A list of some of my writings,... I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them .....:-)

Mail me, and let me know what you think of my page ...:)