Was it you that I dreamed of yesternight

When the blinds were drawn, and dim was the light?

The touch was familiar, the scent I recalled

Since time began they have had me enthralled.

Was it this lifetime, or was it another?

When first we found we were made for each other.



 (a.k.a Net chat channels)

Deathly silent, darkly brooding

Nothing peaceful, nothing soothing,

Holographic mirages phantoms spin

While demons hold their prisoners in.

Spidery, invisible, gossamer fine

Hanging from boughs, sturdy vine.

Hearts entwined, souls enmeshed

Dreams destroyed, hopes are smashed.

Here search forlorn, all in vain,

All are beggars torn in twain,

Each an island, dreams pursuing

Transitory strangers, fates perusing.

No helping hand, no loving heart,

Meeting briefly, only to depart.

Foolish pilgrim, here's no Grail

Here your quest is of no avail!



O zephyr gently ruffling up my hair

In the jasmine scented bower fair

Blow far and wide my Love to seek

Then lightly brush and kiss his cheek.

Don't tell him how I toss and turn,

Don't tell him how my heart doth yearn.

Just gently touch him on the lips

And bring me back his scented kiss.

Don't tell him of my sighs and tears,

Don't tell him of my sorrows and fears;

Just softly whisper out my name,

Just say, "She wasn't playing a game!"

Don't drag it out, and don't be long,

Don't say I missed him all night long;

Just stroke his brow, and steal his scent

Just say, "She is with sorrow rent."



Hush my baby, my sweeting my love

I'll watch over you all night while you sleep

Holding one hand under your cheek

Your eyelids aflutter, soft moans do you utter.

Gently tenderly stroking your hair

Kissing your eyes, and wiping a tear

Softly I whisper, I know you can hear

"Hush my baby my sweeting my love,

Your demons won't get you

I'll guard and protect you"

Sleep softly my baby my sweeting my love.



Last night I knocked on the doors of Madness,

And do you know? I found there no gladness.

The shadows were dark, the shadows were deep

I almost felt I was fast asleep.

But sleep is restful, sleep is calm.

Unto the soul like a soothing balm.

Into that hell where I did descend,

I fell, and I fell, and I fell without end.

My brains were exploding, my mind was on fire;

My eyes were lack lustre, my body a pyre.

From a great distance I heard you call then

But something within me snapped only when

I struggled and strove, and I came to a stop

And back into sanity did I finally drop.



No, I'll not cry tonight,

Tomorrow will have to do.

Hope yet gives out a flickering light,

So my tears are still taboo!



The hunter hunted and victims stalk?

Such images make imagination balk.

What fears keep my Beloved from my door?

Hesitating, retreating, whatever for?

Without a whimper and never a quiver

Silently, patiently, I'll await you forever.

Ignore tinkling anklet bells if you dare

I'll not reproach you nor show that I care



The cold, cruel rage of a heart that's dead

From which all pestilence is spread

Where is the one I thought I knew?

Where is the one I thought was true?

Reeling, bleeding, disbelieving

I still wonder, "Was it you?"

The blows rained hard, fast and true

Was it the hand I thought I knew?

Whipped by words cold fury scarce hid

What should be love struck only dread.

Pale faced, dry mouthed, leaving the entire unread,

'Twas enough to know my dreams lay dead

Wondering, had I taken an incubus to bed?



They ask me each one over again, "Why so desolate, why so sad?"

How can I tell them in all honesty, "I've lost a love I never had!"

For you I waked, for you I dreamed, tossing and turning in my lonely bed

I mourn my shattered waking dreams, wailing and rubbing ashes on my head

I hate, despise, disown myself as I bow before you and plead

I couldn't break away my Frenchy, chains tug at my heart, I bleed.

Enchained, enslaved, how can I live? How can I laugh and play?

I gave you all I had to give now all that's left is grief.



Peace pervades my every pore,

I will not want for evermore.

You were my past, my future too;

Time grinds to a stop, away from you.

Our meetings are short, my waiting long;

Yet light is my step, in my heart a song.



Every flower bears the seed,

Of a new bloom, fulfilling Love's need.

Trembling I knock at Tomorrow's door

Where I'll not want for evermore.

I ask of my yearning heart yet again

Will I await you this lifetime in vain?

Fear holds me back disbelieving,

Yet my Love, my very own Sweeting,

How far, how fast can I continue to run

The Morning star awaits every turn;

Raising my heart to greater heights yet again,

Joyfully now, now filled with deep pain.

If I could open my heart to show

That which is there, that which you know

In the deepest recesses of my heart

I give you my all, and not just a part.

I ask of my desolate soul yet again

Will I await you this lifetime in vain?



I've walked away before

I've tried to set myself free

What is it magician?

What do you want of me!

Slavery is not all I yearn for

The joys of love do tempt me more

Here are you and there he is

Torn between the two, ah woe is me!

We live in worlds miles apart

(How did this thing ever start!)

No! I'll not give up my wayward heart

This time we will finally part (?)



He smiled at my struggles silently

Does he think he knows where I wish to be?

His threat is evil, 'tis clear to see

Bound in his snare I yearn to be free!

Why then do I burst into (poor) poetry

Perish the thought --- is my muse only he !!!



Why do you ignore my pleas?

Unmoved by all my tears?

Was it ever Love my Frenchy?

When you smiled and said to me

"I've missed you all these many hours

I'm hollow without you 'my' Zee."

And is it Love that dies so fast?

And is it Love that does not last?

Nay, my Love, my very own Sweeting

I'll not believe that you were cheating!



(the koel is a bird that is said to sing all summer of its lost love)

Hark to the sorrowful Koel's lament

As it sings of lost love and of pain.

Returning each night to my open casement

Ignoring the wind and the rain.

Sobbing and begging its' Love to relent

And breaking its' heart all in vain.



Not to smile when you are smiled on?

Remain impassive and unmoved?

Can one learn such art and live on?

Has it ever yet been proved?


Yet, tearfully, hopefully and with some trepidation

I'll come to you then, cloaking my wild elation.

Words of love on my lips forever still-borne shall be

If that is the price of bringing you closer to me



No, I'll not cry tonight,

Tomorrow will have to do.

Hope yet gives out a flickering light,

So my tears are still taboo!



Mutely silent, drenched in tears, thirsty are my eyes

Helplessly I watch you go, and in my heart hope dies.

Wildly beating against my fate, my bloodied body lies

Bearing its' mute testimony, under the naked skies.



Begging me to walk away, you held my hand so tight

Shadowed tears I could see My Dear, silent sighs ripped through the night.

My tortured soul was dark with fear, and bitter tears shone bright

It should never have ever been this way, my very own heart's delight!



Life forever presents coincidences,

Clear, unclear, short little instances,

Recognised by many, but snatched by a few.

They're nothing but chances of breaking through.

The pain, the agony, the forever seeking

Brave hearts do not go on repeating.

Our fates are bound and dark fears surround

Yet, I'll wait for you, I'll firmly stand my ground.

Each lifetime we struggled, each lifetime we lost

Was there ever a Love that was so star-crossed?