WHEN DO WE SAY... ENOUGH! About Kunwar/Riffat's elopement.

I AM OUTRAGED!! Continuing, of the Kunwar/Riffat love story.

IN REPLY to Fayyaz Mahmood's sarcastic outburst, on the state of affairs in Pakistan(January.1998).

THE PAPERS SAY IT ALL, IS ANYONE LISTENING? A sad commentary on the news in a Daily Paper on 22nd. March 1998.

SAIMA'S CHOICE. She made her choice ... but did anyone recognize her right to do so?

WOMEN'S RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS! In reaction to the views expressed by a 'learned' person ....:(

ONLY HALF A PERSON? On the state of Women in Pakistan.

TO BLAST OR NOT TO BLAST, THAT IS THE QUESTION.: About the Taliban's of Afghanistan, and the unenviable position the PM of Pakistan finds himself in today.

MURDER MOST FOUL!The gory story of Samia, who paid the price of rebellion.

I PROTEST! A protest march in against the rising tide of fanaticism, intolerance and crimes against women in Pakistan.

HONOUR! The (mis)conceptions of it.

I CRIED BITTERLY TODAY! About Man's inhumanity to Woman.

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