The Friday Times

The Friday Times, or TFT as it is affectionately known by its fans, was founded in May 1989 by the enterprising couple Najm Sethi and Jugnu Mohsin. Najam as the hard-hitting, incisively analytical editor and Jugnu as the meticulously exacting Publisher. They set the tone for the fledgling publication. As the country's first independent English wekly paper it gradually built up a clientele of regular readers who were interested to know the truth behind the news.

Besides the incomparable editorial, there are regular features with something for everyone, such as, "Dateline Islamabad" by Imtiaz Gul; articles on burning issues in "Home News"; " Economy"; "Nuggets from the Urdu Press"; Hussain Haqqani's "Unconventional Wisdom"; Khalid Ahmed's unsurpassable analysis in "Comment"; "Letters to the Editor"; "Issue"; "Science; "Art"; "Opinion"; "Heritage"; "Review"; Wiseguy gives his opinion about "Videos and Top Ten"; "Context" allows people to talk about anything they please; "Outrage!" is where one can let off steam; "Insight"; "Lifestyle" takes us into lovely homes; "Comment" where Shan Gul discusses legal matters; Khalid Ahmed's "Book Review"; "Profile"; tidbits of what is going on; Sport; the inevitable "Horoscope" and "Crossword"; then comes the piece de resistance The (supposed) Diary of Benaizir Bhutto, Nawaz Sharieef, Imran Khan or now Rafiq Tarar. "Such Gup" by Bakwasi rounds up an absorbing, serious and light reading for the rest of the week.

TFT has a circulation of 29,200 copies a week and is read by a broad section of the english speaking upper and middle classs. A country wide group of what may be called the intellectual elite of the country, and so the TFT staffers claim "Anyone who is anyone reads the Friday Times."

A market survey in September 1997 showed that the paper is read by at least four to five members of each house-hold, which would make the real reading population four times the size of its print run. TFT is based at 70, The Mall, Lahore, (phone: 092-042-7355080; fax: 092-042-7355197-98; Telix:47421SCOOP PK.

The staff comprises of :

Chief editor is Najam Sehti, the Managing editor and Publisher M Jugnu Mohsin; Consulting Editor Khalid Ahmed; News Editor Ejaz Haider; Features Editor Rina Saeed Khan; Assistant Features Editors Khola Hussein, Shayan Afzal Khan, Nelofar Farooq; Chief Reporter Adnan Adil; News Reporter Muhammad Shan Gul (Lahore), Imtiaz Gul (Islamabad), Salman Hussain (Karachi), Momin Bullo (Hyderabad), Umer Abdul Aziz (Peshawar); Islamabad Corresspondent Anjum Niaz, Feature Writers Zainab Rizvi, Moni Mohsin, Rehana Savul, Khusro Mumtaz, Zeenath Jahan, Tahir Jehangir; Cartoonist Sabir Nazar, Graphics Farooq Ahmed; Photography Riaz Ahmad; Paste-ups Muhammad Sajjad; Computer Operators Muhammad Akhtar, Muhammad Sarwar Khan, Marketing Manager Amjad Mohsin; Business Managers Wali Haider.Zaidi, Kashif Khalid Butt, Athar Hameed Siddiqui; Circulation Manager Anjum Ali; Assistant Circulation Manager Makhdoom Ali.

Printed by Nasir Altaf at Banquet Printing Press, its yearly (airmail) subscription rates are: Pakistan Rs. 575; USA; Australia $110; Europe $800; Asia $65.

TFT welcomes articles from the general public in order to keep their uniquely refreshing approach to issues and opinions.

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