I am outraged!

Kunwar Ahsan was shot in broad daylight, within the court premises.

If he had died, the balladiers of Khyber and Tirah would have immortalized the Kunwar and Riffat's saga. That is what we are like. Necrophiliacs. I am sick to my heart. Sick of the hypocrisy. Sick of the double standards. Sick of the obscurantism. Sick of it all. I hang my head in shame to be associated with a country where such savagery can take place. I hang my head in shame to be associated with a country where many, I know, will applaud the barbarity.

Although only a child of three, I remember the euphoria of 1947, it was infectious, it was so very optimistic. To think that it has now come to this; a country where the law of the jungle prevails.

Patriotism is as dust in my mouth now. I, who used to steadfastly refuse to visit India so they wouldn't use my money against my country. I, who knitted sweaters and socks for the soldiers on the front during the '71 war. Trying to show my appreciation of MY soldiers.

How can one be patriotic about a country that lets its citizens down? Where no one can be sure of justice, unless backed up by a fat bank balance, or the right contacts.

How can one lift ones head and walk tall and proud in a country where beast are disguised as human? Where human life is cheap and human rights nonexistent for the most downtrodden.

How can one be patriotic about a country where might is right? Where every one aims at increasing their might, by fair means or foul.

We have allowed ourselves to be taken hostage by the barbarous and the inhuman. Sitting paralyzed like pigeons. Eyes, ears and mouths shut. Mind dead. Conscience rotted away.

Not only unable, but unwilling to stem the tide of cruelty that we see all about us. As long as we are safe, to hell with the hindmost, is our motto. Shutting our eyes and pretending it isn't happening, as long as we are safe. We are not a nation, that cares and feels. We are as islands, cut off and uncaring of the other's woes, as long as we are safe.

Our society is being dehumanized. If we sit by and let the barbarity continue, can we be sure we won't be the next target?

Today Kunwar and Riffat are facing the unleashed blood lust of those, grotesquely masquerading as human. Can we be sure we will be safe tomorrow, if their fury turns on us?

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