Once upon a time there was a little boy named Ali. He was taught many bad words by some bad people. Now this little boy did not know that these were bad words, he only knew that they made people very, very angry. So, whenever he wanted to make anyone angry, he used the bad words. Soon his mouth smelt so bad that nobody would sit near him.

One day as he was playing in the park, he heard two children fighting. They were using bad words, and were kicking and biting each other. They were on the other side of the bushes, so Ali went around to see what was going on.

"Unh hunnnnn! where is this awful stink coming from?" said Ali.

You see, the stink was coming from the boys' mouths; and when Ali got there the stink was worse.

"You stink, you stink!" said the two boys.

"No, you stink!" said Ali.

"Let us ask the Lion who stinks," said one of the boys.

So they all went to the Zoo and asked the Big, Brown Lion,

"Mr. Lion will you tell us whose mouth stinks?" they all asked the

Big Brown Lion.

The Lion looked at them and sniffed. Then he said,

"Boys, I think you should all go home and brush your teeth. All of you use bad words, and your mouths stink."

Ali and the two boys did not believe the Lion, so they said,

"Let us ask the Big, Grey Elephant. He will tell us the truth. Let us ask him whose mouth stinks."

So they all went up to the Big, Grey Elephant and said,

"Dear Mr. Elephant will you give us a truthful answer if we ask you a question?"

"Of course I will," said the Elephant. "I always tell the truth!"

So Ali asked the Big,Grey Elephant,

"Will you please tell us whose mouth stinks?"

The Elephant looked at the three boys standing in front of him and waved his trunk in the air. Then he said,

"Well, since I must tell the truth, I will have to say that you all stink quite bad! I think you all must use a lot of bad words."

Now Ali and the two boys felt very ashamed. They looked at each other, and then Ali said,

"I am going home to brush my teeth. I promise that I will never, ever be a bad boy and use bad words again."

"Shabash!" said Mr. Elephant. "I am sure that your mother will be very glad to hear that!"

The other two boys also promised to go home and never, ever to use bad words again.

Ali and the two boys became good friends. They played together every day, and never, ever used bad words again.

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