My Family Tree: To the best of my knowledge, this tree is authentic. Muhammad Sarfaraz Khan Khattak, my father's cousin, put in many years of research to discover the links that led the family to Nasrat Khan Khattak, (all 15 generations!) founder of Tatti Nasrati, now known as Takht-e-Nasrati. (you wont find it up yet ... I have to learn an easy way to put it here first ...:D

A short history of my family: Actually the story is more about Muhammad Quli Khan, my grandfather, who was the architect of the family that is now well-known in the political circles of Pakistan.

So you want to know more about me?...:) Well this is basically all about me .... mostly my achievements.. what I have been up to in the world. Don't expect to find any skeletons... they are well hidden ...:)))

My photo, if you would like to see what I look like...:)

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