A list of some of my writings,... I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them .....:-)

Photos of my Real Garden, and other favourite snapshots (not up yet...:(...)

HTML tutorials, free icons, bullets, banners, counters and many many more things that will brighten up your web page.. Joe Burnes knows it all .. and is willing to help...:)

A breathtaking and very instructive site for those who ponder on 'Reality' and 'Life'.

An informative interactive online magazine. There are articles/stories/photographs for all tastes. It is worth at least one visit, many if you are a 'reader'. Dont forget to search for 'zeejah'!...;p

This site has a collection of newspapers and magazines from all over the world. You can search for news on BBC and CNN too.

A moderate and balanced interpretation and very informative site about Islam. Read about the Miracle of its mathematical conformity that reflects a Mind greater than any man or woman or computer. The Holy Quran can be downloaded here in many languages.

Another good site for information about Islam.

Overweight? Dont worry about it any more. click on this site and check out the free diet plans on ivillage!

Check your computer for viruses and security leaks online on the site provided free by Norton Antivirus.

For the Philatilist. A stamp printed in my father's honour for his services to the Pakistan Movement. You can also read my article about him by clicking HERE

Ever wish you could travel to space? Well here is your chance! It may be a 'cyberspace' trip, but still fantastic!