Here are some bed-time stories I made up for my grand-children ....:)...In each story I have tried to embed a moral, to encourage a positive trait or motive in children.

GUL PARI: This story was made up as Ahmad's bed-time story. AHMAD is my eldest grand-child.

THE TRICERATOPS: This story was made up for Salman, who really does adore triceratops...:)) SALMAN is my second grandchild.

THE NAUGHTY BOY: This story was made up for Ali, who used to swear something AWFUL . ALI is my third grandchild.

THE STAR: This story was also made up as Haroun's bedtime story, to help him get over his fears. ABDULLAH is my fourth grandchild.

THE GREEDY-GLUT: I made up this story for Basma, to encourage her to be more sharing. BASMA is my fifth grand-child, and only granddaughter so far.

THE THREE PRINCES: This story was made up when there were only Ahmad, Salman and Ali, Basma, Abdullah, ADIL and JAMAL had yet to be born.

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