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Man's Inhumanity
Point of View
Tuesday, 11 September 2012
Mood:  crushed out
Now Playing: CNN
Topic: Man's Inhumanity

Whats with these politicians? Israel wants to attack Iran; Republicans want to attack Iran AND Syria; Democrats don't want war but feel they are being left behind in rush to arms. 

I have yet to meet anyone who is satisfied by 'collateral damage' and yet, can you have a war without innocent men, women and children dying?

Does anyone think beyond what the yakking TV talks about before forming an INFORMED opinion that would guide politicians in the country?

I seriously think no one thinks 'what then?' and no one should cheer for war without thinking their decision through!


Posted by zeejah at 4:44 PM
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Monday, 12 February 2007

Mood:  down
Topic: Man's Inhumanity

Call me a romantic, say i am gullible; but the man who has disappointed me most is Pres Bush the younger. I believed his rhetoric then I realized the whole world had been led astray to fulfill some global vision that did not have Mankind's welfare at heart. How can any human being be so blind and uncaring for the suffering of people who look different; speak a different language; pray to God in a different way? arent we all made of the same clay? the same eyes? the same nose? Why do some then consider themselves 'more equal' than the rest?


Posted by zeejah at 3:36 PM
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Monday, 13 March 2006
Clouds of War
Mood:  incredulous
Topic: Man's Inhumanity
The clouds of War are once more being drawn together. The misadventure in Iraq has not taught anyone a lesson. When has killing thousands upon thousands ever solved a problem? During the run up to the invasion and occupation of Iraq we heard 'irrefutable' evidence presented to the world of Saddam's evil intent. Iraq was the first of the 'axis of evil' to be struck down; North Korea protected their freedom from invasion and occupation by building a stockpile of nuclear weapons and they proved to be a deterrent; now Iran is in the sights of the war mongerers, and Iran does not have a nuclear stockpile. Iran is a signatory of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT); when it says it is not interested in building weapons the cry from the super power intent on gaining access to all the fossil fuel in the world is 'LIAR'. That is what was said when Saddam kept saying he did not have WMD; LIAR. As events unfolded it was found that Saddam was the only truthful one; the 'Liars' were the ones who saw WMD as a 'slamdunck' case. Millions came out to protest the imminent invasion of Iraq; their protests fell on deaf ears. Millions more may come out in protest against an imminent invasion of Iran; and their protests will fall on deaf ears. The reason that the voice of Reason is not heard is that the reasons given for going to war are not the actual reasons. The thirst for oil is the reason. The American public are good hearted but naive and ill informed. They are hardworking and do not have the time to double check the information given to them by their media. Besides, they are honest truthful people by and large and do not believe their government or media would lie; especially not to THEM. Nixon lied; Clinton lied; Bush lied; to name but a few, yet the inherently moral and ethical American public believe 'that is in the past' and it will not happen again! But it does, and it will; the stakes are too high.

Posted by zeejah at 4:28 AM
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