In search of a promise,

A child wanders in the streets,

Unprotected - slaving for his needs;

Another recruit for the new revolution!

Signing up, there’s no other solution.

Why do we all pass him by,

Blind to the glow in his eye?

We are blinded by out freedom,

The freedom he has been denied.

The day he straps bombs to his chest,

His heart is strong, he knows no pain,

For all he knows are promises of the best.

His only chance, to pass the ultimate test.

He tugs on a pulley and there is silence;

He tugs on a pulley and people scream;

He tugs on a pulley and there is darkness;

He tugs on a pulley in the hope of living a dream!

His legs carry him the distance

Where he can finally break free.

Everything around him is torn down,

As he closes his eyes in belief.

His blood, flowing like a sea of red,

The unprotected - sacrificed just like him.

Another martyr of the new revolution,

Another child with a permanent solution.

One more life and a broken promise;

Another self-sacrifice in the search of solace.

The reign of terror will be soon to come,

If we do not act for those whose lives are undone.

The boy lives on in our world today,

Waiting for the promises that are yet to be made.

The boy that is strong and tries to find a way,

The boy whose hope does not fade.