The Noise in the Attic


Adil Elahi

One stormy night my cousin, Hamza, came over to my house to spend the night. Before we went to bed we watched a horror movie. It was about a house haunted by ghosts. Each night at midnight the ghosts would appear and make loud noises and do mischievous deeds. After the movie we had Coke and then went to bed, but we were not able to sleep because of the Coke we had. Meanwhile the storm outside grew worse. Hamza and I started to play monopoly in the dim night-light until we finally felt sleepy.

All of a sudden we heard eerie noises. There were strange rattling and other weird noises all of which seemed to be coming from the attic. It was exactly twelve o’ clock on my wall clock when the weird noises began. We assumed that the wind was causing the noises in the attic because someone must have left the window open.

But later on the noises grew louder and louder and we could no longer blame the wind for the noises. We could hear a somehow familiar voice screaming ‘Stop it! Stop it!’ and voices laughing. We were so frightened that we wrapped ourselves in quilts from head to toe.

We were too scared to go to my parents’ room thinking that whatever was up there must have come down from the attic. Then we could hear faint voices, but we could not make out what was being said because of the wind. We tried to calm down but we kept thinking of what the ghosts did to the people in the movie and about what they might do to us. We decided to peek out the door and see if there were any burglars there just in case we misunderstood the burglars for ghosts. But when we did there was no one. We decided to tiptoe upstairs to the attic and see what was there. We kept our dogs in the attic that night because of the storm but I knew they couldn’t have said ‘Stop it! Stop it!’

We got flashlights from my cupboard and sneaked out side my room and up the stairs. When we reached the door we heard a voice shout out ‘Who is it?’ We were petrified and ran back down the stairs, screaming. But we decided we had to try to enter the attic one more time. By this time our noise had woken up my parents who came to see what was happening, since every time Hamza comes to stay at our house there is always some trouble because of our strange adventures. We informed our parents of the strange happenings and of our theory that the house was haunted. My half-asleep parents were not surprised by this event since Hamza was staying over. They went back to bed and would not listen to anything else we would say.

Since we could not go back to sleep, we cautiously crept up the stairs towards the attic. We gathered up our courage and opened the door and to our surprise there was no ghost, ghoul, burglar or monster but there was Jamal, my younger brother talking and playing with our dogs. Hamza and I burst out laughing. The thought that there were ghosts up here was just too funny now that we learned that Jamal was what we were scared of.